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Welcome to Sonoma Equine Rescue, Rehab & Adoption (SERRA)
Our mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and place horses in responsible and caring homes.

Natural Horsemanship - SERRA educates people in proper care, safe handling and successful leadership with their horses. We use natural horsemanship training methods that emphasize the language of horses to create trusting relationships between horses and their humans, and humans with their horses.

Horse Adoption - We serve as advocates for horses from all different backgrounds.  After behavioral analysis, we retrain and rehabilitate where needed before any horse is made available for adoption. We find the best forever home for each horse based on their unique personalities and needs. We consider every adopter's resources, skill level, and knowledge of horses to find their perfect match.

Horse Health Care - Only horses of sound temperament and reasonable health are placed through our program. We perform all necessary medical and dental evaluations and procedures for each horse.  We also maintain vet records and keep every horse current on their medical needs while in our program. 

Non-Profit - SERRA is an IRS approved non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. We rely solely on donations and are greatly appreciative of any tax-deductible amount donated. 100% of our donations go to the support of the horses, maintenance of safe clean facilities, vet fees, rehabilitation, retraining, and ongoing horse rescues.

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