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Cathy is a co-founder of SERRA.  She was born and raised in Maryland and moved to San Francisco in 1981 (“for a 6-month trial” which evolved into 37 years and counting, of enjoyment in the Bay Area).  She worked in San Francisco for many years as an executive assistant, retiring from her last job as executive assistant for the President of Private Client Services at Wells Fargo in 2001. 


On her “bucket list” was the desire to explore and develop her love of and interest in horses, including acquiring her own horse which has been a dream since she was a young girl.  As a first step, she sought to become more educated in the care of horses “from the ground up”.  That process revealed the desperate need for rehoming horses whose owners had fallen on hard times financially, become depleted by heath or medical challenges, or been beset by other circumstances resulting in neglect of their horses. 


She discovered that the fate of many of those horses was grim, too often resulting in unthinkable misery and suffering for these majestic creatures.  To her horror and dismay, she learned that many of these horses were hauled off to Mexico or Canada for slaughter.  Cathy knew she had to do something—even if it were only for a relatively small number of horses at a time.  In 2012, SERRA was founded with the goal of “Giving Every Horse a Chance”.

When Cathy is not busy with the rescue and her own horses Forrest & Crackerjack, she spends time with her husband, Gary, and their two Golden Retrievers, Pacer & Chase, at their home in Tiburon.

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